Decision aid system to improve the quality of melon and cauliflower crops

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Oval shaped melon. Leather with yellow tones and its characteristic writing. With intense orange flesh, it is a juicy bite, with a sweet flavor and hints of citrus. Maui is a particularly attractive melon for consumers who prefer a sour touch to their fruit.

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We seek enjoyment in nature, without perverting it, respecting it, caring for it and taking care of ourselves because we are part of it and our future depends on it.

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We believe in Natural Seduction



A mini-melon that’ll surprise you with its “great” size, making it the ideal snack. A new way to enjoy melon. It has an intense, exquisite flavour. It’s a unique snack that you won't be able to resist. The flesh is soft and juicy – perfect for enjoying with a spoon, and ready to eat whenever and wherever you like.

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Jimbee Melon

A melon with incomparable flavour, and an unmistakable aroma. It’s an authentic pleasure for the senses. On the outside, the skin is smooth and vanilla-cream coloured. The flesh is an appealing orange colour with a firm, buttery texture that’s juicy on the palate.

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Okashi is a traditional melon, cultivated under a philosophy of hard work and exclusive dedication, directly influenced by the best Eastern traditions. Our aim is to recover the traditional flavour of Galia melons.

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This oval-shaped melon has an appealing white skin with touches of vanilla. The flesh is very juicy and refreshing. This melon’s amazing tropical flavour is what makes it stand out. Every mouthful instantly transports you to a paradise beach with crystal clear, turquoise waters lapping the shore.

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A NEW FRUIT CONCEPT Easier to peel, Easy to eat and drink Anywhere Kisy, the new personal size watermelon is the answer to all those consumer demands

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Aloha Waikiki: The Melon With a “Surfy” Flavour

The Waikiki melon is a sweet and juicy exotic fruit. Its pearly white skin and signature striations contrast with its intense salmon-coloured interior. Its combination…

Lililup melon gazpacho with white asparagus in vinaigrette

Simple to make, refreshing and very nutritious, Lililup melon gazpacho is one of the star dishes of the summer. The main ingredient is our Lililup…

Cantaloupe Jimbee Melon And Ham Salad

This light 30-minute recipe is ideal for those who want to prepare an easy and refreshing lunch or dinner on these hot days. Absolutely perfect…
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Continually working to innovate – both in our products and the efficiency of our work – is at the core of who we are.



We are dedicated to respecting and caring for the environment. This means we work hard to support sustainability and eliminate waste.



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Sport and its values are a fundamental part of our company. We support and believe in the athletes who fight to achieve their goals every day.