Jimbofresh is made up of a group of farmers who are passionate about traditional cultivation, and who share a common objective: bringing back the original flavour of melon.

We produce all our own crops, allowing us to monitor every link in the quality chain, from seed to dispatching to clients.

Our melons are grown in the Campo de Cartagena area, which has a long-standing melon-farming tradition, thanks to its fertile fields and ideal climate. All this makes it the perfect area for growing melons.

We’re perfecting traditional cultivation.

Our technicians advise the farmers while sowing, growing and harvesting the melons, constantly monitoring the process to ensure that we obtain the best melons possible.

It is also our technicians who decide when the perfect moment for harvest is – when the melon is just right. This is the reason why our traditional varieties are harvested more frequently than other, long-life varieties. In this way, we ensure that each melon reaches the processing centre at the optimal point of ripeness.

Cultivating a love of fruit

By working in this way, we ensure that each melon reaches the client when it’s just right, at its freshest. They’re practically just harvested, exactly when the flavour is perfect.

None of this would be possible without our employees’ passion and hard work from start to finish. They nurture the product and put the utmost care into each detail, all with a single goal: to bring clients maximum satisfaction. Jimbofresh. Our secret? Our passion for melon.